Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Its been wayyyyy too long....

Its been way too long since I last blogged but this summer has been crazy with something my family has to do every other day. I feel as though I never have any down time. So we have been to Williamsburg, the kids have been to Ocean City twice with Grandparents, and the Hubby and I just got back from Connecticut for a convention for his company. My calendar is steadily booking up and I love it....Calls at least once a week about a wedding or shoot. Contact me today to get your holiday photos on my schedule before I run out of open slots. The holiday ordering cutoff is November 20th.

Since I haven't had a shoot in the last couple of weeks due to all the travel, I will share photos of our trips. Enjoy.
"Weekends On The Boat"

"Carnivals & Fairs"
"Busch Gardens - Williamsburg"
"This is the shot you get when stuck in traffic in New York and you get bored and start hanging your head out the window shooting, I Love this photo and will most likely have this hanging in my house soon."

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